In Home Private Dog Training

With a Professional Dog Trainer

Lafayette, Louisiana in-home private dog training with Ronny LeJeune provides a hands-on teaching experience to dog owners who want to improve their dog's home manners and obedience. This program is designed to outfit the dog owner with the skills needed to train their dog.

What behaviors are taught during in-home private lessons?

A personalized training program is created for every dog to accomplish the goals set by the pet parents. The dog trainer can teach and strengthen a variety of obedience skills, tricks, and performance sports for dogs of all ages and breeds:

Real Life Skills

Recall: Come When Called

Recall is taught through multiple behaviors which include nose touch, automatic check-ins, traditional and emergency recall.

Loose Leash Walking

Leash walking behaviors include door manners, walking alongside the human, and leash chewing.

Impulse Control

Impulse control behaviors include counter surfing, jumping on people, stealing objects and food.

Settle On A Mat

Settle on mat behaviors include down-stay around distractions and a release cue to communicate the dog can leave the mat.

Physical Activities

Toy Skills

Toy skills include tugging, retrieving, delivering the toy to the handler's hand, and releasing the toy on cue.


Swimming behaviors include acclimation to a life jacket, proper swimming form, confidence in water, and recall out of water.

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

SUP behaviors include swimming, getting on and off of the board, confidence on unstable surfaces and around the paddle.

Sport Performance Training

Competitive sports include scent detection, footstep training, dock diving, and obedience.

Hands-on instruction provided during private lessons provides pet parents with the skills the achieve the desired behaviors they want from their dog in their home and in public spaces.

What do I receive from in-person private lessons?

In-person dog training lessons are designed to train both ends of the leash – the dog and their owner. Therefore, the dog trainer works individually with the pet parent to provide the following valuable service features:

Initial Phone Consultation

A phone consultation is completed before all in-person dog training lessons. The consultation is intended to discuss the pet owner's training goals, schedule all private lessons, and provide management techniques to improve the dog's current behavior in the home.

4 Private Dog Training Lessons

A total of four private lessons is provided in the in-home dog training package. Each lesson is 1 hour within the dog owner's home.

Learning Resources

The dog trainer provides learning and reference materials to support the pet parents in maintaining their dog's behaviors.

In-Home Dog Training Private Lesson Pricing

Optimal Canine’s Private Dog Training Lessons are available to residents in the Lafayette, Louisiana and surrounding regions. The dog trainer, Ronny LeJeune, will travel to the dog owner’s place of residence or agreed upon public location to provide private dog training lessons.

Existing Clients Only*


Pay As Needed

Phone Consultation Not Included

1 Hour Private Lesson

Better Savings


Private Dog Training Package

1 Hour Phone Consultation

4 Private Lessons, 1 Hour per Lesson

*Pay As Needed option is only available to existing clients who have enrolled in a full private training, virtual training, or day training program. This option is not available to new clients.

Payments can be completed in 3 installments (available only on request). The first payment is to book the phone consultation and the fee is $150. The second payment is completed at the end of the phone consultation and the fee is 50% of the selected package minus the fee paid for the phone consultation. The final payment is the remaining balance which is due 2 business days before the first private lesson. Services must be paid in full to begin private lessons.

*Pricing does not include mileage fees. There is an additional travel fee for residents 10+ miles outside of the 70520 is 58.5 cents per mile traveled to client's home outside of the service radius. The Louisiana milage rate follows Notice 2022-03 issued by the IRS on December 17.

In-Home Private Dog Training is available in Lafayette, LA & surrounding areas

How does the private lessons work?

The dog trainer travels to the dog owner’s home or to an agreed upon public space to train. Ronny provides hands on instruction by demonstrating the skills with the dog that is enrolled in the private lessons. The demonstration is intended to provide the dog’s owner with the steps to teach their dog the desired behaviors. The dog owner then practices the skills with the dog trainer to provide feedback and homework for the dog owner to practice in between scheduled private lessons.

Therefore, the dog owner develops the skills needed to teach their dog home manners and obedience skills.

What are the requirements for the day training program?

The program accepts dogs eight weeks and older. Proof of health is required for enrollment. This includes current DAPP Vaccinations (Distemper, Canine Adenovirus types 1 & 2, Canine Parainfluenza Virus, & Canine Parvovirus), Rabies Vaccination, flea prevention, and a negative fecal within 14 days of starting the program. Titer Tests are accepted as proof of immunity within the three year testing window. Puppies without complete vaccinations are accepted under the circumstance that the puppy will be trained within the dwellings of the private home versus public spaces.

Behavior cases including dog-to-dog aggression, dog-to-human aggression, and separation anxiety are given referrals to professionals who specializes in complex behavior cases. Each referral is unique to the dog’s individual needs are requires a behavioral assessment to determine the appropriate professional to refer to.

In-Home Private Dog Training Service Area

Optimal Canine’s In-Home Private Lessons are available to pet parents in south-central Louisiana. Service area includes the following cities and towns:

Lafayette, LA

Carencro, LA

Scott, LA

Breaux Bridge, LA

In-Home Private Lesson hours of availability include Monday through Thursday from 12:00pm to 6:00pm; and on Sunday from 10:00am to 6:00pm. Friday and Saturdays are unavailable.

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