Beyond The Backyard

Day Training Program

The program is a unique learning experience designed to teach dogs better behaviors and how to perform obedience skills in the real world. As a result, pet parents gain all of the perks from a professionally trained and physically exercised dog without investing large amounts of their personal time!

"...Strike came home super content and satisfied, which was awesome, because I had been used to picking up a very frustrated and under-exercised dog from daycare facilities/day training. He gives Ronny 5/5 stars!"

Brittany Fox., Pet Parent
Strike, 1.5yo Australian Shepherd
New Iberia, LA

What will my dog learn in the day training program?

A personalized training program is created for every dog to accomplish the goals set by the pet parents. The dog trainer can teach and strengthen a variety of obedience skills, tricks, and performance sports for highly active dogs:

Obedience, Tricks, & Real Life Skills

Obedience & Tricks

Obedience behaviors include sit, down, stay, and heel. Tricks include but are not limited to bow, spin, and roll over.

Impulse Control

Impulse control behaviors include counter surfing, jumping on people, stealing objects and food.

Loose Leash Walking

Leash walking behaviors include door manners, walking alongside the human, and leash chewing.

Recall: Come When Called

Recall is taught through multiple behaviors which include nose touch, automatic check-ins, traditional and emergency recall.

Settle On A Mat

Settle on mat behaviors include down-stay around distractions and a release cue to communicate the dog can leave the mat.

Toy Play Skills

Behaviors include retrieving (fetch), tugging, dropping the toy at the humans feet, and releasing the toy in the humans hand.

Physical Exercise & Dog Sports

Canine Fitness & Conditioning

Fitness and conditioning includes muscle strengthening, physical exercise, and body awareness training.

Dock Diving

Behaviors include swimming, toy tracking (catch toy in the air), and long distance stay in a sit, down, or stand.

Scent Detection: Nosework

Nosework behaviors can be done with food or target odor through competition grade essential oils.

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

SUP behaviors include swimming, getting on and off of the board, confidence on unstable surfaces and around the paddle.

Footstep Tracking

Tracking behaviors include following a human foot path on grass, dirt, and gravel with indications on items placed on the track.


Swimming behaviors include acclimation to a life jacket, proper swimming form, confidence in water, and recall out of water.

With the initial training steps taught during the program, it is easier for pet parents to maintain the desired behaviors they want from their dog in public spaces.

What do I receive from the day training program?

The day training program is designed to train both ends of the leash – the dog and their owner. Therefore, the dog trainer works individually with the pet parents to provide the following valuable service features:

In-Person Meet-N-Greet

First, the dog trainer will visit the pet owner’s home to complete an initial Meet-N-Greet. The trainer completes a behavior assessment on the dog, documents the training goals, and schedules the dates for the program.

1-1 Pet Parent Coaching

A second and final in-home visit is completed at the end of the program to teach the pet parents how to maintain and progress their dog’s skills.

Learning Resources

The dog trainer provides learning and reference materials to support the pet parents in maintaining their dog's behaviors.

Training Video Footage

A Google Drive link is provided to give the pet parent access to the videos the dog trainer recorded during the day training program.

"...I feel that Ronny really took the time to understand how Olivia responded to outside stimuli and how to best grab her focus back to the task at hand. I felt safe and confident leaving her in Optimal Canine's care!"

Mikayla M., Pet Parent
Olivia, 1.5yo Mix
Carencro, LA

Beyond The Backyard Day Training Packages

Optimal Canine’s Beyond The Backyard program provides quality and reputable dog training at affordable prices when compared to traditional board-and-train, day school, and day training programs. Only one dog is accepted into the program at a time to provide a personalized learning experience.

The average cost for traditional in-facility board-and-train programs within the Lafayette, LA region averages $140 per night. In-facility programs accept several enrollments which requires dogs to experience multiple periods of down time throughout the day. Alternatively, the average cost for in-home board-and-train within Lafayette, LA averages $180 per night. In-home programs often accept 1 to 3 enrollments at a time.

These traditional board-and-train options require the dog to spend a minimum of 14 consecutive days away from home.

Classic Training Package


6 Day-Training Sessions

Program is completed in 2 consecutive weeks.

Averages $174 per day.

Deluxe Training Package


9 Day-Training Sessions

Program is completed in 3 consecutive weeks.

Averages $152 per day.

Elite Training Package


12 Day-Training Sessions

Program is completed in 4 consecutive weeks.

Averages $140 per day.

Each dog will experience a full day planned to improve their obedience skills in the real world. Every dog returns home happy and fulfilled after experiencing Optimal Canine's Beyond The Backyard day training program.

Payments are completed in 3 installments. The first payment is to book the Meet-N-Greet and the fee is the selected package’s average daily fee (Classic = $174, Deluxe = $152, and Elite = $140). The second payment is completed at the end of the Meet-N-Greet and the fee is 50% of the selected package minus the fee paid for the Meet-N-Greet. The final payment is the remaining balance which is due 2 business days before the scheduled program begins. *Pick-up and drop-off fees are included in the final payment if required.

*Pricing does not include pick-up or drop-off fees. The travel fee for pick-up and drop-off is 58.5 cents per mile traveled to client's home. The Louisiana milage rate follows Notice 2022-03 issued by the IRS on December 17.

What will my dog experience during training?

Only progressive and kind training methods are used to train dogs in the program. All dogs participate in games to learn how to offer desirable behaviors and gain access to rewards they find enjoyable such as food and toys. The dog trainer does not use intimidation, fear, pain, or aversive training tools – guaranteed!

Every dog experiences fun adventures, activities, and enrichment opportunities that are beneficial to their mental, physical, and biological needs. Ultimately, these components unlock the door to achieve better behavior and each day of the program is designed to provide the six benefits listed below:

Real World Training

All dogs go on two field trips each day to train them around real life distractions, to help transition behaviors to the real world.


Training is completed around unknown humans, dogs, objects, and sounds.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Physical exercise is met each day to promote cardiovascular health and reduce over-excitability in daily life.

Mental Enrichment

Each dog receives one session that includes a food puzzle toy, snuffle mat, chew treat, or stuffed Kong.


Each dog is provided with safe opportunities to engage in natural dog behaviors they enjoy, such as long sniff walks or swimming.


Relaxation is just as essential as training and exercise. Every dog is provided a nap in a crate each day to prevent over-exhaustion.

How does the day training program work?

One dog stays with the dog trainer from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm three days a week for a minimum two consecutive weeks. Only three days are selected from Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday to leave one extra day to account for rescheduling due to inclement weather.

Therefore, the dog returns home each night after an exciting and fulfilling day of dog-adventures and training.

Beyond The Backyard Day Training Program is available in Lafayette, LA & surrounding areas

What are the requirements for the day training program?

The program accepts dogs six months and older. Dogs should not exhibit any anxiety, fear, or aggression towards unknown humans or dogs. This allows the dog trainer to safely take the dog in public spaces for training.

The program requires all dogs to be crate trained and to perform three basic behaviors in their backyard. These backyard behaviors include Sit, Down, and Stay. Private lessons are recommended for dogs who do not know these behaviors before enrolling in the program.

Proof of health is required for enrollment. This includes current DAPP Vaccinations (Distemper, Canine Adenovirus types 1 & 2, Canine Parainfluenza Virus, & Canine Parvovirus), Rabies Vaccination, flea prevention, and a negative fecal within 14 days of starting the program. Titer Tests are accepted as proof of immunity within the three year testing window.

Beyond The Backyard Day Training Service Area

Optimal Canine’s Beyond The Backyard day-training program is available to pet parents in south-central Louisiana. Service area includes the following cities and towns:

Lafayette, LA

Carencro, LA

Scott, LA

Breaux Bridge, LA

Dogs are dropped off at the dog trainer’s home at 8:00 AM and picked-up at 3:00 PM. Pick-up and drop-off can be arranged with the dog trainer but will require an additional travel fee. Those rates are listed under program packaging.

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